Exit 145 (Sargent Rd) - By McDonalds 6001 Ann Arbor Rd. Jackson, Mi.

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Rental options

You'll be able to rent a U-haul trailer or truck for an overnight, a one-way trip, or for in-town use. Ask us about the different rates and mileage choices that are available for these rental options.

U-Haul trucks and trailors can be limited at times. To ensure availability, make a reservation well ahead of time.

Independent Dealer Truck & Trailer Rentals

  • Right Equipment at the Lowest Cost

  • One-Way & In-Town.

  • New Models, Automatics, AC

  • Only U-HAUL Moving Vans have the Lowest Decks and Gentle-Ride Suspensions

The right equipment

U-haul is always ready to provide the best equipment and at very affordable prices. Only U-haul moving vans offer the lowest decks and gentle-ride suspensions.


Click to call to make a reservation.

As an independent dealer for U-haul, you can find a truck or trailer to rent along with a secure storage unit.

Truck and trailer rentals available

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